Thursday, June 11

Yesterday and today..

Some old pictures of Jonathan in Boston during the heroic ages of that city.
And some news I got from my pal Thierry who met Jonathan recently in Paris during the European tour. Thierry met Jonathan in front of Notre Dame, Paris cathedral, as Jonathan wanted to study the building and its structure. He is obviously taking this "mason" hobby of his quite seriously.

As far as music is concerned, we might get surprises in the future as Jonathan has been interested recently in barocco music from the XVIIIth century. Nicole, having loved the movie "All the mornings of te world", ("Tous les matins du monde", directed by Alain Corneau and starring Gerard Depardieu), which is depicting the life of the French composer Marin Marais, has decided to start playing Viola de gamba, the ancestor of the cello. Jonathan is very happy with this new musical link and it may influence his coming songs.

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