Friday, April 30

Live at the Long Branch Saloon

San Francisco and its environs have never been hospitable to rock and roll. The fabled acid-rockers were folkies at heart, and so were their fans. John Fogerty-- who had to swallow that truth harder than anyone-- recalls that in 1967 many local freaks were convinced that if the new bands were going to fulfill their destiny and transform the world they had better shed the label "rock," with all its, ah, bad associations; "head music" was one of the substitutes proposed. I see no evidence that the general attitude has changed since then. Still, the Bay Area does have its unregenerate rock-and-roll loyalists, most of whom (in my fantasy, anyway) are teen-age denizens of darkest Oakland who come out at night like the rats near the waterfront. There was a fair-sized contingent at the Long Branch Saloon in Berkeley the night I went to see the Modern Lovers, a neo-Velvet Underground band from Boston. The Lovers (who seem to have acquired the beginnings of a national following; a lot of kids in the audience were shouting out requests) have inevitably been compared to the Dolls, but in some ways they are more like an American version of the pre-Meher-Baba Who with John Entwistle singing lead instead of Roger Daltrey. to be continued

Andrew Porter? from The New Yorker Aug 27 1973

May 2004 Tour


2 Amsterdam HOLLAND - de Melkweg
3 Dusseldorf GERMANY - ZAKK
4 Munster GERMANY - Gleiss 22
5 Groningen HOLLAND - Vera
7 Hamburg GERMANY - St Paul Tanzhalle
8 Gothenburg SWEDEN - Tradgarn
9 Oslo NORWAY - John Dee
10 Stockholm SWEDEN - Mondo

to get on the snail mail list to find out when Jonathan Richman and Tommy Larkins are coming near your town, send a letter with your neatly printed or typed address to:

Jonathan Richman Mailing List
PO Box 8024

Thursday, April 29


For all the hard work you've put in to come up with a fast replacement for the old list.

BC is getting all the plaudits for the new list (and respect is due) but thank you for getting in there so quickly.

Mal wants a toast - Happy New Year.


Wednesday, April 28

I luv u 2 Simes, & time to toast RB!!!!

My dearest Simes,

(who HAS been known to go off topic, for ME, to precisely explain why KILL BILL Volume 1 was QT's 4th movie! I love you just for THAT!! I'm like the QT trivia gal on the block now!! :)

But yeah, I hear ya. I know I can be a bit much -- I have been since kindergarten, and well, the fact that you could toss me in with a grin to your post and STILL say you luv me -- you "over the pond folk are the best!" Nancy B -- are you here yet? I miss you! :) DA Jacques -- glad you are here.

Maybe you can ALL help me. RB, as we know, has done such a great job of basically OVERNIGHT setting up this beautiful Blog, and well, I want to kind of like, well, along with saying "what famous person would play you in your film biography?" which I asked below (do tell! Good thread to start on!:) but ...

I would like us to all raise our glasses of water, pantomime, wine, beer, whatever you would like, and make a toast to Rosebud:

"To Rosebud: May your every pedal continue to blossom and grow to your heart's desire!"

I luv you too Simes, and now let's hear it for RB! The Blog Genius!! I'm not great at toasts so PLEASE add your own toast to the gal who I think could probably use a lot of sleep about now. But when she wakes up? How nice to have some well deserved warm sentiments of appreciation for a hard week?

with affection and LENz,


Now U and U and U make a toast to our host, because mine was corny, but I meant it! :)

Splitting into sections

I was wondering if it was possible to have different sections (rooms) in here. There doesn't seem to be an option for that but then does that defeat the object of a blog? Not sure - we could have a room for concerts, a room for records, a room for testing and a room for Malary (only joking, I love you really).


What once was a puppy is now a dog

What once was a piglet is now a hog.

Multi Xeroxed Personalities

"Jan is tinkering with the wayback machine. I hope he doesn't get stuck!" Rosebud wrote on the rblog, last Saturday. She's so concerned for our well-being. And she rightly is: I kinda did get jammed in there. I should've taken care. I got waybacked! Anyway, I managed to wriggle my way out, and here I am.
But now I wonder about those bright flashes of light. And that ozony smell. I seem to be here, and there as well... And more people seem to be... Blog, Old List, New List, Yahoo. How many clonings can one endure? I myself must be singularly concentrated to one entity, to maintain some integrity. I must focus myself to the New List. But I'll visit the blog every once in a while to see what's cooking.

Bye, Jan :-)

Leprachauns open to manic "constructive Criticism!" How AWESOME!

Hi! I deleted a previous message on here about how my messages were being filtered and deleted on the yahoo list, and well, woke up this morning ... and voila! There were my messages -- and even the one that got deleted!

So, I just want to say THANK you for this awesome act of PROGRESS, that, if given a justified complaint, you will consider it -- and THAT's not Nazi moderation -- that's AWESOME! I'll be good from here on in, I promise. And I won't tell Jonathan about the list, didn't know it was a secret -- have told him before and he just laughs because he knows nothing about computers -- but if I did tell him that I felt something was unfair, expressed it, and it got changed, I know it would make him happy. Like the song "Neighbors."

Have a GLORIOUS day in this happy happy joy filled "BE NICE" Blog! I won't be posting ALL DAY (darn, huh?) because the donuts REALLY have to be made today. I played too much yesterday -- but it was fun! Now to LIST KING to tell his list how the Rocking Yahoo Moderator is a happening dude/dudette/meow (?) I dunno, but OK in my book.

Thanks again!!

Anyone need a Laura Palmer CD? That I can do :)


Tuesday, April 27


Here we are - 2 JOJO lists, 1 Rocking Leprechaun list and a JOJO Blog.

I'm so overwhelmed that I have nothing to say.


Brave new world

I´m in a blog and I don´t even know what a blog is.


I'm STILL Practicing this lovely new BLOG!

Rosebud! This is REALLY REALLY COOL! I can't believe you just LEARNED how to do this! We need to get everyone up and posted on this. We could even tell the Leprochans about it, and do some cross dressing!

The "old gang" (who WILL grow dignified and older together, now!:) already know each others favorite animals and jojo songs ...

So how about a new trivia question for the Jonathanphiles?

"If someone were to play you in your biography -- who would that be?"

Keep those answers comin! That way we can all get a visual of each other for those of us that haven't met. I'd be played by Courtney Love :)

Peace and love!

well done, gang

Jacques is organizing the weed stash (no not that) and Bob is measuring the bar for the magic bar stools so maybe we'll hear from them when they take a break.

Monday, April 26


Welcome everyone! We're the first on the block, so let's get down. Imagine accepting an invitation to a blog-raising and being asked to work! Yes, I'm cracking the whip. Get this place in shape so we can have a clubhouse, a retreat, a tree fort or whatever it needs to become! It's a creation, a work of art and you are the creators! You are the artists!

And pass around the beer! Who was supposed to bring snacks?


Hi. My name is Malary and I just heard Jonathan play for the first time on that movie -- The Big Chill? No wait -- Something about some chic. That was it. He got shot at the end. I hope Kill Bill 2 doesn't end that way. It was so sad. They should warn you about dogs on top of cars and girls in comas getting prostituted against their -- coma will.

But I would like to learn about the movie King Pin, because I actually OWN a corner store, inside my T-Bird-Vego-matic, and I hope I don't have to close it. I sell ... well, mostly, you tell me what you want, then I drive around or walk around and find it. It's like living in a free world, but it does get cold if you park in the wrong part of the world.

So if anyone wants to email me to tawk, or mostly, join this BLOG (I don't even know what that stands for!) I am just hoping this will go thru. Again, I'm new. Is his name "RichMan?" That sounds kewl! But he seemed married to Carmen Diaz, or that drummer fellow in the movie.
OK, the baby sitter is home, I gotta go!

MalaryManicCure :)

testing testing ... 5 6 7 8 !!!

First Post

I haven't got any experience with Blogger but the principle seems OK. If this is going to be an ongoing project I suggest we decide upon a domain so that we are not tied into BlogSpot.

I would be happy to set this up as a sub-domain of but I don't want this to be seen as my Blog so maybe that would be appropriate.

Anybody got any thoughts - RB, this is your party what do you think?


just in

Just joined .. thanx for the invitation Rosebud..

checking in and testing....

Hello Rosebud,

This'll be good if the Jojo list ends, hopefully though, Brians new list will be in operation soon too!

Thanks for the invite and I'll keep checking in.


Sunday, April 25


Ooh! Thanks Alan!

April 2004 tour

Nicholas sent the following information to the jojolist last month. As you can see, Spain is happening now.

3 Limerick, Ireland
4 Cork, Ireland
5 Dublin, Ireland
7 Sheffield, England
8 Glasgow, Scotland
9 York, England
10 Manchester, England
11 Bristol, England
13 Birmingham, England
14 Portsmouth, England
15 London, England

As per Les's postcard, here's the rest of the tour lineup for April/May

"Always confirm show info locally"


16 Paris FRANCE - Cafe de la Danse

20 Madrid - Sala El Sol
21 Burgos - Quinta Avenida
22 Salamanca - Teatro Liceo
23 Santiago - Sala Capitol
24 Gijon - Colegiata San Juan
25 Bilbao - Kafe Antzokia
26 - 28 "look for other possible shows in Spain"
29 Toledo - Circulo de Arte


2 Amsterdam HOLLAND - de Melkweg
3 Dusseldorf GERMANY - ZAKK
4 Munster GERMANY - Gleiss 22
5 Groningen HOLLAND - Vera
7 Hamburg GERMANY - St Paul Tanzhalle
8 Gothenburg SWEDEN - Tradgarn
9 Oslo NORWAY - John Dee
10 Stockholm SWEDEN - Mondo

"Jonathan Richman Mailing list, PO Box 8024, Santa Cruz, CA 95061, USA"
(if you send your details to the above address, you should get a
postcard in the mail when there's a tour in your region)
I like this Blog, but I think it would be even better with Comments. I use Haloscan ( on my own blog. Rosebud, can you do that (if you agree it's a good idea)? I could send you some basic info on how to do it if you want. Sorry about the noise from the power tools, but everyone needs a hobby. Don't they?

Here's Johnny!

Aha found you at last.

If you thought you had given me the sip, it didn't work.

Rosebud - forget the email - I persevered and here I am.


have fun and experiment

I didn't know anything about blogs until David W. mentioned it on the Jojolist. I've been playing with this one and once you post a few times, it's not hard at all! Go ahead and make test posts. Play around with editing your post after you publish it, and with deleting. Whatever you do can be undone and redone! Send us an email if you get stuck: jojoblog (at) The only thing to remember is to be kind.

Saturday, April 24

Progress report

Okay! All right!

Alan has found his way to the DJ room and is now stocking the entertainment system. Yes! Sounds good, Alan, over the sounds of the power tools! Sound check?

And dumbbob is testing the cappuccino machine. Smells like today's brew might be strong and pungent...

Jan is tinkering with the wayback machine. I hope he doesn't get stuck! List God is painting the bathrooms and Simes is printing up the building permits (uh oh).

tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis

Jan wants to know what this means. It's a Latin phrase from the ancient world meaning something like this:

The times, they are a changing. We are a changing relative to the times.

But it could mean this:

He gave us the wine to taste.

We can't do anything about the passage of time but we can choose to embrace it. We can look fondly over our shoulder at the time we spent with Gordon and at the same time look ahead with anticipation to what is to come!

what is this?

Welcome to all who stop by! Jojofiles is your friendly neighborhood cafe and beach bar with a laundromat out back and kiosks for flyers, as well as a ball field, a lily garden, and a wayback machine. It's on Route 128, in the Bermuda triangle, between New England, Paris, and Naples, off the astral plane side of the desert. Special amenities include double chocolate martians, Van Gogh lesbian vampire leprechaun buses, and colors of the night. Attire optional- everyday clothes are cerca.

The cardinal rule is this (and it's a biggie): Be kind.
Is this the place!?
Are we all here now?


Friday, April 23

i'm so confused

Thursday, April 22

tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis