Sunday, June 28

To satisfy my own curiousity...

I noticed, while going through the entries for the contest, that a vast majority of you prefer Jonathan's much older stuff. Most of the votes were for albums from before 1990. First, to catch most people that come here, and not just those inspired by the promise of stuff, I have created a poll:

Which Jonathan album is your favorite?

Secondly, those of you that do prefer Modern Lovers-era Jonathan, I have a question. The man no longer plays anywhere close to that style (although the "When We Refuse to Suffer" redux took me by surprise), and live, he hardly ever plays anything from that time, though "Pablo Picasso" and "Egyptian Reggae" being exceptions. So, what keeps you coming back? Has he managed to catch you with any of his new stuff?

I'm just curious being as I'm an exception to this trend, and prefer Jonathan recent work much more, and in fact hardly ever listen to anything older than Modern Lovers 88. As for the first Modern Lovers album, my roommate actually commented the last time I was listening to it, it's so rare. I think Not So Much To Be Loved As To Love is nature's most perfect album, and if I could only listen to one Jonathan album, that would be it.

So let me know! I'm curious!

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