Thursday, May 16

Happy Birthday Jonathan Richman! (USA Tour dates too!)

1990 image rb

Walk up the Boston streets with warren loft and the Modern Lovers from 1972!

the MODERN LOVERS "Walk Up The Street" 1972 via warren loft

"Walk Up the Street"

A wonderful 1984 video by Manuel Huerga! Did you catch it last year on Jojoblog? Watch it again! Full screen!

Jonathan Richman TV3 (84) from Icosahedron on Vimeo.

Directed by Manuel Huerga for Televisió de Catalunya TV3.

Jonathan Richman performs in a rousing show with Modern Lovers Brennan Totten and Andy Paley.

1 - Ice Cream Man
2 - This Kind of Music
3 - Wipe Out
4 - I'm a Little Dinosaur

5 - La Bamba
6 - Rockin' Rockin' Leprechauns

7 - The Beach
8 - The UFO Man
9 - Let's Take a Trip
10 - Vincent Van Gogh
11 - Give Paris One More Chance

12 - Chewing Gum Wrapper
13 - That Summer Feeling

USA and Canada tour dates coming up for May and June 2013 courtesy of Les Gripkey!


Also see High Road Touring for these and July/August dates in California!

High Road Touring