Monday, September 29

Flyer for the High Dive, Champaign, IL - 25th Oct 08

Here's a Flyer for one of the upcoming shows.

If anyone happens to come across other flyers, let us know about them, or send us a scan, and we'll get them added to Jojoblog.

tour update Autumn 2008

Update: visit High Road Touring for more USA dates October 1-29, 2008

A number of new dates have been added for October 2008

Please let us know if you find out more dates!

we'll change tour info in the sidebar soon

Wed 1 Oct Austin, TX (The Parish)
Thu 2 Oct Denton TX (Rubber Gloves)
Fri 3 Oct Memphis, TN (Hi-Tone Cafe)
Sat 4 Oct Huntsville, AL (Flying Monkey Arts Centre)
Sun 5 Oct Pensacola FL (Sluggo's)
Mon 6 Oct Gainesville FL (Common Grounds)
Tue 7 Oct Tampa FL (Skipper's Smokehouse)
Wed 8 Oct Savannah, GA (Savannah Smiles)
Thurs 9 Oct Charlotte, NC (The Evening Muse)
Fri 10 Oct Chapel Hill NC (Local 506)
Sat 11 Oct Charlottesville VA (Gravity Lounge)
Sun 12 Oct Philadelphia PA (First Unitarian Church)
Tue 14 Oct New York NY (The Concert Hall)
Wed 15 Oct Great Barrington, MA (Club Helsinki)
Thurs 16 Oct Northampton, MA (Pearl Street, downstairs)
Fri 17 Oct Somerville MA (Somerville Theatre)
Sat 18 Oct Portland, ME (SPACE Gallery)
Sun 19 Oct Albany, NY (Valentine's)
Tues 21 Oct Rochester, NY (The Bug Jar)
Wed 22 Oct Millvale PA (Mr. Small's Theatre)
Thurs 23 Oct Athens, OH (Donkey Coffee)
Fri 24 Oct Newport KY (The Southgate House)
Sat 25 Oct Champaign, IL (High Dive)
Sun 26 Oct St. Louis, MO (Off Broadway)
Mon 27 Oct Iowa City, IA (The Picador)
Tues 28 Oct Ames, IA (The Maintenance Shop)
Thurs 29 Oct Lawrence, KS (The Bottleneck)

Confirm with venue before making travel plans

Tuesday, September 16

This Romance Will Be Different For Me

A great video from a performance in Spain, apparently for Radio 3.

Also this one, I Was Dancing In a Lesbian Bar and El Joven Se Estremece, from the same show.

The one strange thing about watching these, for me, is how quiet the crowd is. Nobody's laughing, nobody's getting into it, they just watch and clap politely at the end of every song. It kind of reminds me of when I took my best friend's cousin to a Jonathan show. I'm so used to the crowd being totally into what Jonathan's doing, it kind of floored me. Especially for Lesbian Bar. "Why does this seem so strange to me? OH GOD NOBODY IS SINGING ALONG". Tough crowd.

Sunday, September 14

Live at Central Park SummerStage '00 Download

Boxing Duck! has a great live recording from 2000 available for download, the sound quality is absolutely brilliant as is the setlist, which contains three unreleased (I think, please correct me if I'm wrong) songs: Silent Treatment, Barcelona and I'm Not Obsessed With Her (lyrics can be found on JojoBlog here.

You can find the download links here. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 7

Jojo new 7" cover

Courtesy of Juno records - click on the pix to enlarge

RICHMAN, Jonathan - You Can Have A Cell Phone That's Ok But Not For Me (Front Cover)

RICHMAN, Jonathan - You Can Have A Cell Phone That's Ok But Not For Me (Back Cover)