Saturday, June 27

Nugrape Here Again!

Hello Jojo World,

Time for another installment of great unreleased Jonathan Richman songs.
Why do I want people to hear this stuff?

Well, you see, I am of the belief that Jonathan Richman is the most underrated artist of all time. You could fill ALBUM'S of his unreleased work and they would stand just as tall as anything he officially released. There must be people like me who for years only heard the offical albums. And they are so great! They are truly special! And they are so good, that one could become content with them.
But there is more to the story!

As proof, I submit a couple more essential Jojo songs to turn you're heart a-flutter. Don't be afraid to love these song's, because they are as good as they sound! And there are many more song's that hopefully I will be able to post in the future that are just as special as these songs.

It is just too unfair for these songs to only be listened to by the fortunate few who have "trade bait" to obtain them.

It's time for these songs to be freely available to any JR fan who checks this blog to enjoy!

So, here's a few more, and if they mean as much to you as they do to me, then "Tell How You Feel"!

Ice Cold Nugrape(3-19-83 Santa Monica, CA McCabe's Guitar Shop)
Bundle Of Joy(5-18-78 Herentals, Belgium)
My Heart Was Won By A Girl(1980-The Lost Tapes)

ps: I just started my JR webpage, and it has links to the songs that I have posted so far. Soon it will have all sort's of cool stuff!

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