Wednesday, October 27

Vintage 2000

From: Brad
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000
Subject: Paris show

Hi, Brad from Brussels contributes this cut and pasted review of last night's show in Paris...

For the first time, last night I drank from the cup of a Rich-man. I lapped up the contorted facial expressions, the self-deprecating attempts at French, those marvoulous hip shaking dance gyrations, and some special silent pauses for effect.

I strategically scheduled a meeting in Paris yesterday knowing there was a JoJo gig in town. I showed up sans-ticket, wearing my suit, tie, and pointy shoes. The small group waiting outside the door thought I might be able to buy a chance at Affection when the doors opened an hour later at 7.

more backstage >>>

Note: This is a vintage post from the old list.

Friday, October 22


See photographs of Jonathan at Gary Timms' new website.

copyright Gary Timms

Wednesday, October 20


Manana (with a tilde over the enyey) -- (oh D-Jan I miss you already! You SO know those secret email type characters!) morning, Oct. 21st, is a good time to catch the Orionid meteor shower, which appears to come from Orion. And, as we all know, Orion is the cat from MEN IN BLACK who has the whole GALAXY around his COLLAR! Not his BELT! Like cats wear belts (?) Phew. What WERE Will and Tommy thinkin??

Anyhow ... the debris coming through our atmosphere is from ... Haley's COMET! Look over there -- there it is! (psyche :) But wait, that's not all ... there's a BONUS! THREE planets will ALSO be visible (we're tawkin without a telescope ...), an' day be: Venus, Jupiter and Saturn!!!

Me: "And how do we remember the planets, boys and girlz?"
You: "I don't know Ms. Moon, how?"
Me: "Like this! My Very Educated Mother Just Saved Us Nine Pies."
You: Oh, I thought it was SOHCAHTOA.
Me: Nope, different grade.

BUT ... wait, that's not all! (and no ginzu knives involved ...:)

NEXT Wednesday there will be a total eclipse of my heart, AND at the SAME time, a TOTAL ECLIPSE of THE MOON!! Coincidence? No f-ing way! Beginning at 9:14 p.m. EDT (6:14 p.m. PDT), the moon will glide ... like ASTRO GEL (which doesn't taste so good) ... through Earth's shadow, for more than THREE hours. (count em' one two ... three loves, and they go tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet like three birds ... which is a building ... which is on FIRE!*) ! Observers on every continent except Australia (KatiePants -- aren't you glad you aren't still THERE? :-) can check it out. The pale white, vampire like MOON will turn a *Happy Halloween Pumpkin Orange!* as it plunges into shadow, becoming an eeeeeerie RED during totality! TOTALITY? Pretty EERIE!!! So give a hoot! Check it out, and think to yourself ..."imagine if I was tripping, man?":-)

Celestially yours foreva, xoxo!!


*from "Love Goes to Building On Fire." I think I wrote it, Byrne probably thinks he wrote it, same old Dylan who wrote what first thang. But it's a good song, regardless! :) I'm not gonna quibble :)

Wishing everyone a HIPPIE Halloween!!! He-he!
(And Democrats in the US -- don't forget to vote!!)

Tuesday, October 19


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8 - 10 - Toronto, Canada, Lula Lounge
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13 - Portland, ME, The Space
14 - Burlington, VT, Club Metronome
16 - Hamilton, Canada, Legendary Corktown
17 - Guelph, Canada, E-Bar
18 - Grand Rapids, MI, Intersection
19 - Madison, WI, High Noon Saloon
20 - Lincoln, NE, Knickerbockers

5 - San Francisco, Slim's
7 - Portland, OR, Dante's
8 - Olympia, WA, The Clipper
9 - Bellingham, WA, Nightlight
10 - Victoria, CANADA, Lucky Bar
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Wednesday, October 13

Mark Doyon Shows Jonathan Fans are Talented!!

Mark Doyon

Mark Doyon is the guy who produced the Jonathan tribute CD, If I Were a Richman. Anyway, he's a huge Jonathan fan and makes his own records as Arms of Kismet. You've GOT to hear his CD! It's rawkin and real and stuff. Sticks with you. It would be all over the radio if he didn't despise the major labels. No sweat, though, 'cause he's got his own indie label, Wampus Multimedia (, which also put out the Jonathan tribute and a bunch of other way-cool CDs ( Visit him at and

Tell yer friends, notify yer enemies! :)


Sunday, October 10

french lessons

April March's French Music for Beginners 101

thanks to James Tata

Some of you will recall that Jonathan is a friend of April's, and plays guitar on Chick Habit from the label Sympathy for the Record Industry

Saturday, October 9


Copyright Gary TimmsCopyright Gary Timms

These were taken by Gary Timms at the Forum, London, in November 2000. He's going to be posting more on his own website soon. Watch this space.

Friday, October 8

Vintage 1995

From: Sarah
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 1995
Subject: * (interviews)

Hi list (and Mark)!

interview story #1:
here in iowa city, iowa, there's this college radio station and the rumour is that one day in 1989, jonathan richman was here for a show and he said "yes!" when the station asked him for an interview. BUT the problem is that the interviewer, a cocky 20-yr-old, kept askin jr about being old and what was it like to hang out w/ VU, and all this name droppy cars/ t. heads/ old school crap. Jonathan refused to answer questions, saying simply "yes" and "no" until finally he got up and left the station, only a few minutes into the interview! (power to the people! go jonathan!)

interview story #2:
in 1992, when jonathan was coming back, i worked at the student video center and was convinced that i could get a videotaped interview or, even better, some of the show on tape. so, i called rounder, who gave me his agent's #, WHO GAVE ME JONATHAN's #, and said--"call him and ask him , he should be at home." so i was nervous, but i called, and asked, and he said: "i don't do video" i was sad.

interview non-story #3:
still in iowa city, iowa - i work at an alternative weekly paper and, in lieu of jonathan's upcoming show (on the 11th) the a&e editor encouraged me to write a story! get an interview! call rounder! so i did, this time less nervous, and the nice rounder man said "well, jonathan's been kinda hard to pin down lately, he hasn't been very easy to track down, he's hard to get a hold of--I don't know if he'll do an interview but i'll call his agent and he'll call you back" Well, the rounder man sent out a package for me but no interview man ever called. The story came out today, and though it is not an interview, i'm happy that i wrote about him.

anyhoo, i'm interested to find out who, if anyone, he is touring with right now, and his mode of transportation. let me know!

-- sarah

Note: This is a vintage post from the old list.

Sunday, October 3

radio on

chris petit's british road movie has plenty of tekno-garde music in its soundtrack but no modern lovers

read what ray has to say about it

Saturday, October 2

Jon Richman part 6

Ernie Brooks is still skeptical. "I think it's really good not to be afraid to make a fool of yourself. But I don't think you have to act like you're eight or nine to do that. You can do it on the level of an older person."

Asa Brebner offers, "I think a lot of people are very uptight and intellectual about it. They approach it from the wrong direction. Any four year old kid could tell you what it means! I've played Modern Lovers records -- new ones -- for a lot of little kids and they don't question. They get into it right away."

Jonathan: "People have written me letters saying they feel they know me and I say 'Good.' That's the whole point: Someone letting you get to know them on the stage or on record."

Jonathan is adamant in his devotion to Beserkley Records, saying that if he couldn't be on that label he wouldn't record at all. I ask if sharp managers don't still approach him and say that with a little hustle he could get a deal with Columbia.

"I'd say, 'Thanks a lot!' With a little hustle they could get me in, to put it mildly, a situation I don't want to be in. I've been with a big label before. I know what it's like. It's like saying, 'With a little hustle we can get you a job lookin' up at the bottom of sewers!' Really?" Jonathan laughs. "Thanks! Do I have to act now? Just a minute, I'll pack my bags."

to be continued

by Bill Flanagan Trouser Press November 1979

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