Friday, June 12

Long time listener, first time caller

I had two lovely surprises for me in my inbox: First, a reviewlet from Sarah58, who saw Jonathan at Da Opolis in Norman, OK.

Crowd of a couple of hundred, mainly student types. Too many wanting certain songs and you know as soon as you ask you will not get.

A bit of a "kids scene" with a handful who wanted everyone to know they were there in the room. The quiet spoken Jonathan could not (and did not) compete with "Amanda come to the back". Not sure if Amanda ever did get to the back but the young "ladies" were less than politely asked to be quiet . And they were after that admonishment.

Thereafter it was a rollercoaster 90 minutes or so.

In no particular order, Let Her Go, Whorehouse, Electric party, Viviamo, Vermeer, Lesbian Bar, a couple of instrumentals, My Affected Accent, Time Flying By, Curly and Wild, Gurlfren, Sprintime, Wine, Anti Cellphone rant, Suffering, one Spanish, one French, and Mother Lay Dying.

Might not be complete either.

Highlights - his affected accent about what a brat he was at school as a tennage and his profuse apologies. The cellphone song in which he had a kind of teenage bratty rant.

The Wine Song - rocking out as the might say. He sings as if he means it.

Curly and Wild - and it is all about PRODUCT.

Overall - in fine fettle, fine voice and fine spirits.

Oh and he did reference approaching 60. Suddenly it is not that old.

Secondly, in the vein of "things that never happen to me", lucky guy Jerry sent me a postcard Jonathan sent back to him 15 years ago:

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