Saturday, March 28

Monday, January 27

Jonathan Richman in cameo on old Saturday Night Live skit

He's right at the beginning:

And another brief shot of him eating at his table at 4:26. Anybody know how that came about?

Friday, November 8

A fusion of two great idiosyncratic talents

one living ... one dead unfortunately. Born six months apart. 

Monday, November 19

SA album review

I enjoyed reading this review:
Album title track “SA” opened up with a relaxed, island-y feel and had Richman singing of focus and love without hesitation. The sitar, at least that is what it sounded like to me, complimented Richman’s strumming.

Monday, November 5

Bundle of Joy ... has anybody heard this nugget from 1978?

A couple of my favorite young Jonathan photos.

A couple of my favorite young Jonathan photos. "Well I dont see you and it's getting dark/ Today we were supposed to go to Central Park" (from Astral Plane (landing live in London)).

This one is not a favorite but is kind of curious because it doesnt really look like him at all:

Saturday, September 22

New Album! "Sa"

Co-produced with his wife Nicole and classic Modern Lover/Talking Heads member Jerry Harrison!

Per pitchfork:
"...named after the first root note of the Indian raga. It arrives October 1 via Blue Arrow Records, with a vinyl and cassette tape release to follow in February 2019."

Here's the link to buy it from Blue Arrow Records:
And, from BandCamp:

Monday, August 13

Extraordinary article ...

... how much is accurate, I dont know.   the Daily News is definitely doing some self-back patting.