Monday, June 7

A new handwritten interview with Jojo

Despite my new rule about not reading musicians' "explanations" of what they are trying to do in their work, nor much about their personal lives, I peeked at this one and was amply rewarded. A good read! See especially his explanation about cell phones/computers. (H/t Ramon).

Tuesday, May 18

Great show posted by guest blogger

I’ve heard almost 200 Jonathan Richman bootlegs over the years and a lot of them aren’t worth mentioning because they are often poorly recorded. There are the occasional gems in even a poor recording but it is rare to find a bootleg which is both recorded well and outstanding from start to finish. Such a bootleg is the show from the Mean Fiddler, London, in 1988. Jonathan is having fun and the crowd is completely with him the whole way. If there was one show I could go back in time to see, it would be this one. So I had to share (I won’t leave the link up forever, so take a look while it’s there!) Ramon

Thursday, April 1

Unpacking Jonathan's Boston references; a travelogue of sorts

Interesting read about the geography of Boston as seen through a Jonathan Richman lens. Zachary Lamothe takes on the rather large task of spotting and explaining all Jonathan's Boston references over 50 years of activity, and bringing them to life for Bostonians and non-Bostonians alike.

Monday, February 8

Leroy Radcliffe has passed away, sadly. Jonathan is the only one of the four left from the Modern Lovers Live version of the band.

Here is an interview with Leroy from the jojofiles archive.

Sunday, December 6

 "Modern Lovers" written on the drum set. Asa Brebner on bass and Andy Paley drums ... def. 1985 ... the only year of that configuration of the Modern Lovers.

Monday, November 30

Beaver Cleaver

I know it's a facile comparison used by concert reviewers with weak game. But whenever I see a Leave it to Beaver episode, I am struck with some of the similar mannerisms. Does it go too far to speculate that Jerry Mathers' character was perhaps an early influence on Jonathan? Leave it to Beaver debuted when Jonathan was six years old. If so... a fine influence!

I hesitate to read 'Jonathan's Notebook'

I've flipped through the first few pages... then stopped. Do I really want Jonathan to 'splain everything he's doing or was trying to do? Or would I rather have eternal possession of my own mental take of what was going on, devoid of any 'splanation? My decision could be fateful. Thanks and hat-tip to Vanessa for the obviously-incredible find.

Zoomers desperately need to hear this message

(If you'll allow this blogger a personal aside. I once wrote an acapella song with a very similar melody and phrasing as this song years after Jonathan wrote this but years before this album was released. It was called "Now I Remember Why I Hate American Girls". It was written toward the end of my year studying abroad, upon encountering some American girls staying at a hotel I was staying at.)