Wednesday, June 24

Yes, yes, yes!

... and I like masculine arrogance too. But it was geyying way overdone in the 70s.

At any rate, Jonathan is right on the money here. (Also check out the "bye, bye" as in "bye bye Old World").

Comment poached

Jonathan played an acoustic gig at NYC 's The Kitchen in 5/75 or so, w/ two femme b/u singers, Andy Paley on drums, and another guy who acted out JR's lyrics now & then. Very fun show, attended by Allen Ginsberg, Gerard Malanga & Kathy Acker, who worked the door. At the time, I was under JR's mystical spell and praised him to Kathy who said: "I don't know, I've met other people who are on his trip and I just don't know."/ Then there was his appearance at Town Hall 10/76. Did no less than four encores of "Ice Cream Man"; a friend walked out on this madcap display, later explaining: "He's evil, man. He's not upfront about his [mental sadism]." Whatever. A strange dude.

Stop Your Sobbin' ... could have been an original Jojo tune

Sunday, June 7

If you havent listened to this in a while, it may be time to listen to it again. Featuring Walter Powers, Maureen Tucker and Willie Alexander of the then-existing Velvet Underground 

Tuesday, May 5

Andrew Bird's Live From The Great Room

apparently done in 2017 ... published on Youtube April 2020

Saturday, March 28

Monday, January 27

Jonathan Richman in cameo on old Saturday Night Live skit

He's right at the beginning:

And another brief shot of him eating at his table at 4:26. Anybody know how that came about?

Friday, November 8

A fusion of two great idiosyncratic talents

one living ... one dead unfortunately. Born six months apart.