Monday, June 29

Another question

It was brought to my attention that some people's favorites might be a function of nostalgia. True enough, my favorite album for a long time was I, Jonathan, which was the most random present I was ever given.

What was your first Jonathan album?

I, Jonathan was given to me as a gift, an obviously used CD from the shop in town. A used CD of a guy I had never heard of was not the sort of gift I thought I'd like, but I accepted it graciously and moved on. The promises that he was someone who seemed up my alley didn't tempt me until I was bored about a week and a half later. From the moment I put it on, something about him grabbed me. By the time I finished the album, I had to have everything he'd ever made. And so we find ourselves here today. ANyone else have any good "How I obtained my first Jonathan album" stories? Or just memories of the first one you had?

Edit: Holy Crap, I had no idea so many people started with The Modern Lovers. Am I just too young? Or did you come in on it years later, like some indie music acquaintances of mine?


  1. Travis8:18 PM

    I'm more or less a Jonathan neophyte. I've only been listening to him for about six months now, but I can't get enough of his sound. I first heard him on pandora when "You Can't Talk to The Dude" came up on my Billy Bragg station. I thought it sounded kind of kooky and fun, so I went looking online for more of his songs and was just amazed at the light-heartedness, the honesty, and just the sheer talent of the man.

    I'm now trying to acquire all the albums, which is slow going as a poor college student. I'm going to my first Jonathan Richman show tomorrow night at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland. Suffice to say, I couldn't be more excited.