Tuesday, June 16

The Feelies at the Whitney Museum of American Art

If you're in NYC Friday next (26 June) and unable to travel to Rochester to see Jonathan Richman, why not see The Feelies?

Dan Graham: Beyond will exhibit at The Whitney Museum of American Art, with The Feelies playing an acoustic evening.

From The Whitney:

The Feelies, one of the most influential rock bands of the past three decades, play a rare acoustic set. This performance presents the group’s legendary complex guitar layering, driving rhythms, and drone passages. (link)

Jojoblog's fantastic Jacques interviewed Glenn Mercer from The Feelies last year (link)

Dan Graham's film, Rock My Religion featuring Patti Smith and Shakers, will be shown in its entirety during the exhibition. An excerpt can be viewed here (link)

See Brooklyn Vegan for more info (link)

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