Tuesday, June 9

I totally read that book as a kid, and some pictures

John from Flickr caught Jonathan over at San Francisco's Popfest (watching, not playing). I saw the picture and asked him about it, and John said:

on sunday afternoon there was a picnic in delores park, with several bands playing acoustically... jojo was just walking his dog through the park, with a copy of the giving tree under his arm, and just sat down to watch one of the bands (a particularly richman sounding man with a ukelele)... no one troubled him, he just watched and fed his dog, then carried on walking him...

of course afterwards everyone was excited to know that he had been there, but i think good that not too many people noticed him when he was, or it could have dissolved into fanboy hell...

I totally loved that book as a kid. You can catch this picture and his other stuff on flickr.

This next picture is from The Club Congress show, from user fortuna_mom:

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