Sunday, June 21

Hi, NuGrape Here!

Hello Jojo World,

Thanks to the admins for letting me post.
So, I'll tell you this:

For years all I had were the albums. I'm in my 20's, and I wasn't really around to get most of his records as they came out, so this was a pretty hard task! Getting the more rare albums like Jonathan Sings, Rockin' and Romance, and especially "It's Time For...", was such an awesome journey! And they're all worth it!

In fact, I can't say that I've ever been let down by this guy's music.
It's changed me. And challenged me.

"It's Time For..." was the hardest to get. I remember seeing on message boards every now and then, someone would ask for someone to make a copy for them. These people wanted it, but couldn't find it. Or couldn't pay 200 bucks for it on ebay!
When I finally got "It's Time For..." (on tape off ebay for 40 bucks(!)), I thought that my JR voyage was about over as I had pretty much everything he had recorded.

Well I was wrong. I saw something called "The Lost Tapes" over at Ramon's lyric and tab site. It had all these song's I had never heard before! Well, some extremely nice person on the Net actually gave me a copy for free, even though I didn't have anything to trade, and through this I had a means to trade and discover the underworld of Jonathan Richman.

I discovered that there were HUNDREDS of other JR recordings, whether it be live shows, unreleased studio takes and songs, radio stuff etc.
And it's all great, most just as beautiful as the albums that I had listened to so many times over!

Well, I'm gonna share some cool stuff on the Jojo Blog because I get a kick out of everytime Bob posts songs. It makes my day, and I want to spread more of that joy.

So, here we go, a few songs to enjoy:

Update 2016: To hear a bunch of rare songs, check out the home page at