Sunday, January 27

Festival Footage...

Don't know for certain where this footage is from, its just been posted on Youtube without much info... its obviously a festival somewhere, I wonder if its Glastonbury?

It reminds me of a story that someone told me about when Jonathan was playing at Glastonbury in the mid eighties; After the show had ended Jonathan came to the edge of the performers section, behind the stage, and from behind a small fence gave an impromptu solo show of about half an hour for anyone that happened to be stood around.

The person telling the story was and it made his festival!!

Thursday, January 24


Gordon McLean and Alan Edwards of Silent4

It is with great sorrow that we have to tell you Jojoblog cofounder Alan Edwards passed away Wednesday, 23 January 2008. Alan didn't make a lot of posts to Jojoblog but he was instrumental behind the scenes. He was architect and stonemason and visionary, gardener and barkeep and guide. And he was modest. And he was funny. And he was a gentleman.

He loved Jonathan Richman and his music.

We will have another tribute to Alan in the near future. In the meantime, Mark Doyon of Wampus Multimedia has written a very very nice one of his own:

"Alan Edwards was a songwriter, singer, and guitarist. He fronted a band called Silent4. Their cover of Lou Reed's "I Love You" anchored the Wampus release, After Hours: a Tribute to the Music of Lou Reed, in 2003.

We chose their track for the album because it was fragile, tentative, real.

Alan was a generous, talented person, and a legit authority on Lou Reed and Jonathan Richman. Occasionally he would email us an mp3 of something he was working on, along with a smattering of apologies and caveats, looking for feedback. And we were glad to get those emails. What Alan did was sincere. It was worth the time you spent with it.

You might have encountered his editorial touch at This Moment, or collaboratively at JOJOBLOG, a site devoted to Jonathan Richman... a performer who was inspired to make music... by Lou Reed.

Alan passed on yesterday. We'll miss him."

via wampus multimedia news feed

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Silent4 I Love You mp3(2.9MB)

Wednesday, January 23

fare thee well white lightning

'Here’s our beloved sedan’s last ride. The trip starts in the Mission, and the video features music by local artist and Mission District proponent Jonathan Richman.' (Allan and Katie)

via Mission Mission

thanks Allan!

Sunday, January 13

The Modern Lovers - Quiet Knight Chicago, March 1978

Three live tracks from almost thirty years ago: -


Summer Morning


American Routes Interview (2002)

A short interview from a few years back...

"Click here"

Thursday, January 10

2008 spring tour: Irish dates

Sat 10 May Dublin (Whelans)
Mon 12 May Galway (Roisin Dubh)

more info here

via Ian at Thrill Pier

Jojoblog readers: Please let us know if you discover further dates; we'll update the sidebar soon. Thanks for your help- this blog is what it is because of all the great fans who contribute!

2008 spring tour: USA dates

Mon Feb 25 Norman OK (Da Opolis)
Fri Feb 29 Asheville NC (Grey Eagle Tavern)
Sat Mar 1 Athens GA (40 Watt)

Update: More dates here! (Thanks CJ!)

Jojoblog readers: Please let us know if you discover further dates; we'll update the sidebar soon. Thanks for your help- this blog is what it is because of all the great fans who contribute!

she cracked

via Adam Wade

We've mentioned this video before, in passing, but it's so cool! Let's watch it again!

Monday, January 7

happy new year

Recorded at Joey Ramone's Birthday Party at NYC's Coney Island High in May,1998.

A rare live performance of Roadrunner by Jonathan Richman and original Modern Lovers bassist, Ernie Brooks.

Ian kindly shared his memories of Joey's birthday party in the comments:

"Oh my god, thank you for posting this.

Um . . . it's kinda embarrassing, but that's me screaming "YES!" during the countoff. I didn't think I'd ever get to see this performance again (and, at the time, until this happened, I was sure I'd never hear JoJo do this song live).

He had started the set with two songs from the then-upcoming "There's Something About Mary," then brought out Ernie and said that he was going to do some old songs because Joey had requested it, and it was his birthday - so he did "Girlfriend," and then this. During this, I looked back at the sound board where Joey Ramone was perched, and I swear to god he was crying in joy. I don't think he had expected this either.

Later that night, Ronnie Spector did "Be My Baby," and as I'd heard my two favorite songs done by the original artists, I left, because it couldn't get more perfect."