Monday, November 19

SA album review

I enjoyed reading this review:
Album title track “SA” opened up with a relaxed, island-y feel and had Richman singing of focus and love without hesitation. The sitar, at least that is what it sounded like to me, complimented Richman’s strumming.

Monday, November 5

Bundle of Joy ... has anybody heard this nugget from 1978?

A couple of my favorite young Jonathan photos.

A couple of my favorite young Jonathan photos. "Well I dont see you and it's getting dark/ Today we were supposed to go to Central Park" (from Astral Plane (landing live in London)).

This one is not a favorite but is kind of curious because it doesnt really look like him at all:

Saturday, September 22

New Album! "Sa"

Co-produced with his wife Nicole and classic Modern Lover/Talking Heads member Jerry Harrison!

Per pitchfork:
"...named after the first root note of the Indian raga. It arrives October 1 via Blue Arrow Records, with a vinyl and cassette tape release to follow in February 2019."

Here's the link to buy it from Blue Arrow Records:
And, from BandCamp:

Monday, August 13

Extraordinary article ...

... how much is accurate, I dont know.   the Daily News is definitely doing some self-back patting.

And the award for earliest notice of Jojo's musical talents (extant) goes to

... Lillian Roxon and her The Top of the Pop column in the New York Daily News, Mar 12, 1972.

Earliest public manifestation of Jojo, Boston Globe December 28, 1966

Jonathan interviewed in planned Springfield MO documentary

"Center of Nowhere" includes the last on camera interview with Merle Haggard as well as commentary from Dave Alvin, Eric Ambel, Jaynie and Randle Chowning, Robbie Fulks, Michael "Supe" Grande, Scott Kempner, Brenda Lee, Dan Penn, Vance Powell, Jonathan Richman, Andy Shernoff, Scott iman, Syd Straw and many others, including the late Springfield producer Lou Whitney and members of his legendary Studio band.

Monday, January 8

When I was small, they took us to old Mechanic's Hall...

.. and I got to see the mighty Jonathan Richman, hit one over the right-field wall.