Tuesday, June 7

RB: Scatterings here and there

Jonathan Richman - Walk Around The Town from 50 Feet of Song on Vimeo.

RB here.
Isn't that a lovely video above by 50 Feet of Song?
Thank you to those who cared enough to send supportive emails.
We are all confused together.
It's ok.


To clear up a bit of confusion as to authors of blog posts, I am requesting that all future posts include the author's name.  As I have time and ability (which is severely limited) I will be going through past archives and adding people's names to the blog post titles, by which I mean however they are shown on Blogger.  The reason being that many people now read Jojoblog on a feed reader, which generally shows the author simply as Jojoblog.  So if you see old Jojoposts showing up on your reader that's why.  If someone writes to me and asks me about it, I will be sending the link to this post with no further explanation.

There are 62 plus or minus authors for Jojoblog.  Any of these people can post to the blog.  I plan to go through the list to delete some who have never posted or commented, or have never been heard from since they joined, and whom I no longer recognize.

Therefore if you might be one of the mentioned mysterious authors and want to remain on the blog team, but still don't want to post anything or comment, let me know so I don't delete you.   This is just for housekeeping, not a purge.

Another good reason to stay in the blog authors is if you wish to comment without being moderated.  Any Jojoblog reader who wants to join for this reason is welcome.  Let us know.  I am going to change the comments to unmoderated for a while and see how that goes.  Sometimes I go for days without the ability to check the computer.  If clickbait spam comments with evil links show up again before I catch the infestations, please use common sense and don't just click randomly.  If the spam becomes a problem again the moderation will resume.

Emmett McAuliffe has kindly agreed to help out with administration duties so perhaps there will be more to say about these things.  Together now there are me (RB or Rosebud), Nugrape, and Emmett.  Contacts will be updated on the sidebar soon.


When Jojoblog first arose from mailing lists (3 of them) many did not know what a blog was and the concept had to be explained.  However the structure was intended to continue the mailing list type interaction which was to remain a collective effort.

Times have changed and now many former bloggers are past and over blogs and into all the other million scattered social media advertising surveillance short attention span splintered shiny trending things.  If you look on the sidebar at the widget called 'Other Jonathan Richman Destinations' you will see there's a lot of other places you can visit.  I urge you to take advantage of those resources and if you find a good one that isn't listed please do share, if you are so inclined.

Also over there on the sidebar is an address for Blue Arrow Records, who is taking fan mail for Jonathan Richman.  I include it here for the feed-readers and email subscribers and mobile users who no longer visit the blog the old-fashioned way:

Blue Arrow Records
Attention: Jonathan Richman
16001 Waterloo Road
Cleveland, OH 44110

 Blue Arrow Records has a nice Twitter, and they share things there all the time.  If you are on Twitter, follow them and retweet them.  Here's a recent item of interest regarding a Jonathan Richman Agony Aunt column in Rough Trade Shops magazine:

You can buy issue 2 here, not sure if issue 1 is still available but the pic in Blue Arrow's tweet above has the column:


The art for the column is done by this guy:


Jojoblog has a Twitter too, it was run in the past by me (Sisyphus, oops I mean Rosebud) but Nugrape now tends to it.  Follow, retweet, repeat!



High Road touring is showing some California dates:


and it looks like Jonathan Richman is playing at Woodsist (Big Sur) in July:


Village Voice got an interesting letter from Jonathan Richman last November:


Here's an old Tumblr called 'a plea for tenderness' that is fun to scroll through:


Read this appreciation by Duglas Stewart of the BMX Bandits:


How did I find these things?  I used Google.  You can do this too!  Be empowered!  With the browser of your choice of course.