Friday, September 3


Apparently, Jonathan Richman participated in a screening of There’s Something About Mary or something.

How awesome is this? This is better than a shadowcast of Rocky Horror, you guys. And I am a huge Rocky fan.

Of course, the main attraction was Jonathan Richman and his acoustic guitar. He lovingly strummed his guitar along to parts where he appeared in the movie, all the while offering behind-the-scenes commentary of the onscreen action. Little snippets like, “We decided on using an accordion here. We felt it added a whole European touch” to which everyone busted up laughing.

His most revealing commentary had to do with why Mary (Cameron Diaz’s character, just in case) seemed like such the prototypical bro fantasy girlfriend. Basically (paraphrased):

The director was an overgrown manchild and this is his conception of what an ideal girlfriend would be like. Essentially, a chick whose favorite things are baseball, hotdogs, and beer.

You can read about it all here, and it includes pictures! Thank God for MissionMission.