Tuesday, July 3

hot nights

Jonathan Richman Live at the Echo (Los Angeles) via

AUSTIN - “Well you all paid for a ticket and you need to be able to hear.” (more at Pop Press International)

PHOENIX - "Don't click that thing," he said, a sort of mischievous smile on his face. "I'm sure you're taking wonderful photos, but it's all about timing, young man." (more at Phoenix New Times)

LOS ANGELES - Richman promised a ten minute break during the night so that the audience could cool down. “People have been known to faint at my shows… So, it’s your call,” warned the singer when the time came for him that relief, but even Richman could tell that the fans did not want him to leave… (more at L.A. Record)

I Love Hot Nights via

As My Mother Lay Lying

I Love Hot Nights