Sunday, March 15

we'll spill things, and we care

Susanne Piesker 2008 by Astrid Koniarski
Susanne Piesker 2008 by Astrid Koniarski

The darkly ethereal and talented Susanne Piesker (now without the z in her name!) is again opening for Jonathan Richman and Tommy Larkins in France and Germany this tour. You can listen to her and see the dates on her website and Myspace page. She performed the haunting dissonant piano part (a first for Jonathan's recordings as far as I know) (besides toy piano early-eighties Modern Lovers anyway) in "Our Party Will Be on the Beach Tonight" on last year's Because Her Beauty is Raw and Wild.

Susanne had kindly written and then she wrote again, concerned her email had gone awry because I didn't respond. I apologize to her. I need to take this opportunity to apologize to all who've tried to correspond and received no reply—everyone. I've not personally kept in touch with anyone. I have been unable, although it's not for lack of interest. It's been my good fortune to meet quite a few Jojoblog readers in person over the years and those who have met me will understand I have health struggles that are sometimes better, sometimes worse, and sometimes simply overwhelming. It is inexcusable that I let my email inbox grow to such a monstrous pile but it is that and again I am so sorry for losing control over it and all the things that tried to bloom only to fade away. I've been in sort of a no-man's-land where time has jumped ahead all of a sudden in a startling way.

Last October (to me it seems last week! I saw Jonathan in Charlottesville! I missed the show! I tried to see Jonathan in New York City! I missed the show! Arrgh!) our delightful Chimaerandi agreed to put on the editor's hat of Jojoblog for which I will speak for all in saying we're truly and forever grateful to her for coming on in such a spirited way in emergency mode with no roadmap or navigator. She is a courageous woman and I'm proud to call her my friend. I should have welcomed her on the blog with a fancy post but was unable. I know you all join me in applauding her splendid efforts, as well as those of the great team of admins Jojoblog has accumulated, and all the faithful readers. There have been many many wonderful posts and comments, and now with the tour in Europe we are so fortunate to have Alberto, Patrick, Jacques, and Bob on the scene.

Jojoblog was envisioned to be a team blog, a running conversation and show-n-tell. If you're on the team and wish to post something, please do. If you're not on the team and want to be, just let one of the admins know and you'll get an invite. It's relaxed and loose and friendly. It's not a strictly perfect way for fans of Jonathan Richman to reach out and spark like-minded souls, but it's a pretty good way because of the way Jojofans are. They care! Thank you all for that!

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