Thursday, March 5

¿A qué venimos sino a caer?

In the back cover of Munster records’ ¿A qué venimos sino a caer? Jonathan writes some lines about the origin of this record and some of the songs.

Jonathan says that Javier Hernandez (tour manager of Bizzproducciones) had the idea of making this record because in Spain it’s not easy to find his records in the stores. This is a collection of 12 songs recorded from 2003 to 2007 in two different places (San Francisco and Tarifa). Besides, Jonathan does an adaptation of “La canción del pirata” from José de Espronceda (Spanish romantic poet of the 19th century). He wrote a poem about the atmosphere of the Tarifa recording studio located in the Strait of Gibraltar and very close to Africa.

Jonathan also says that he wrote the lyrics of “A que venimos sino a caer” in paper serviettes in Madrid at Plaza de Santa Ana’s coffee bars. Like “This romance will be different”, and “Silence alors silence”. And the song “Es como el pan” was an idea to help him to improvise during the show at Barcelona in 2006 with the singers Muchachito Bombo Infierno, and Kiko Veneno.

Finally, Jonathan says that during a visit to a small village in California, he found a Mexican book entitled “Hasta el infinito”, where he took some ideas for the songs “El joven se estremece” and “Ha muerto la rosa”.

Two videos of that show with Kiko and Muchachito:

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