Monday, March 9

Madrid, 7th March 2009

At the beginning of the European tour, two sings were at the door of the Neu! Club. “Smoking strictly forbidden by artist request“, which made that all the smokers went to the bathrooms for a quick puff during the show. And surprisingly, a “Sold Out” sign. This is the first time that I go to a Jonathan show in Spain and there aren’t tickets. Maybe three years without a show in Madrid it’s too much time, or perhaps his performance at Primavera Sound Festival and M80 Radio have brought a new (and younger) audience to his shows.
The show was great, even when he didn’t talk as much as he used to do. But instead, he did a lot of dancing. And even attended requests, which is very unusual
My favourite part of the show, a new song called “My affected accent”. The lyrics are something like this:

In High School I was such a brat
I spoke with an accent I didn’t have
I borrowed from this, and I borrowed from that
To make my affected accent,
His affected accent

Such a brat, such a brat

I criticized this, and I criticized that
I borrowed accents from the TV set
To make my affected accent,
His affected accent

I had a fake professor
I talked about subjects I don’t know
My affected accent,
His affected accent

The set-list:

No One Was Like Vermeer
In Che Mondo Viviamo
Egyptian Reggae
Es Como el Pan
You Can Have a Cell Phone That’s Okay but not Me
Cosi Veloce
Pablo Picasso
Because Her Beauty is Raw and Wild
Vampire Girl / Vampiresa Mujer
Springtime in New York
When We Refuse To Suffer
Her Mystery Not of High Heels and Eye Shadow
Take Me To The Plaza
Les Etoiles
My Affected Accent
Let Her Go Into The Darkness
(speaking in Spanish, Italian and Hebrew)
My Baby Love Love Loves me

Maybe a walk home from Natick High School

P.S. At dimeadozen, there is an interview from March 5th in Radio3 (Thanks to orereta!)

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