Monday, March 16

Murcia, 14th March 09

-Maestro de la luz, se puede haber un poquito en el público también?
Something like: “Master of lights, Can have the audience a little bit (of light) too?”

That was the beginning last Saturday at Auditorio Victor Villegas in Murcia, not fully completed, but with a devoted audience clapping their hands and singing “Juanito, Juanito” in unison. It was a great show, almost completely in Spanish, with a lot of explanations and translations for every song.

Jonathan talked more and danced less in a very intimate show, far from the microphones and close to the audience, reaching to sit down at the border of the stage.

Oh! and we saw Tommy Larkins smiling once.

the set-list:

Egyptian Reggae
¿A qué venimos sino a caer?
In Che Mondo Viviamo
Because Her Beauty Is Raw and Wild
Des printemps des amoreux est venue
I was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar
No One Was Like Vermeer
Springtime in New York
Es Como el Pan
This Romance Will be Different for Me
Cosi Veloce
You Can Have a Cell Phone That’s Okay but not Me
Here It Is (Leonard Cohen )
Yo tengo Una novia
Vampiresa Mujer
Ha Muerto la Rosa

Sorry!, No photos. It was strictly forbidden. If someone have it, please write here!

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