Wednesday, March 18

Awesome pictures AND flickr is cooperating? I hear the horsemen.

Quique López is my new personal hero. Why, might you ask? He took some awesome photos at the Barcelona show, and I can actually figure out to post them!
Jonathan Richman @ Apolo
How about that? Also, secretly I have have loved the name Quique since I started taking Spanish in 8th grade. Moving on! Pictures! Fotos! Bilder! Photos! Etcetera!
Jonathan Richman @ Apolo

Jonathan Richman @ Apolo

You can see all of his delightful photos aquí.

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  1. Hahaha! I didn't saw this comment before! Wow! I'm Quique. I like you like my name! Thanks a lot for the comment and I hope to take some good picts of Jonathan this summer in Amsterdam!

    See you!