Thursday, March 19

This is the French week...

As Jonathan is doing " his grand tour" of France this week, it seems fair enough to share some chronicles from his devoted French fans as Chimaerandi started in the previous mail.

Our esteemed friend JC Brochard, sometimes contributor to the JojoBlog in the past, is on his own BLog reviewing records which remind him of periods of his life. It is always bringing back lost memories to the reader. It is witty and also funny but often quite fascinating.

Recently JC found this, a rare copy of the "Lydia" single. It is of course for him a way to speak again about Jonathan, JC is a die hard fan, he starts speaking about this single, about Jonathan current tour and give us also some pieces of news he has picked up on the web (Vic Chestnutt will release two new CDs soon, one of which being recorded with Jonathan and Tommy). I encourage you to read the full chronicle, you will also get there a link to listen to the original 1956 "Lydia" by Lewis Lymon and the Teenchords here.
It is written in French, French week oblige !
Just to give you some impressions and to illustrate, I am translating below the ending sentences :

...As Beserkley had probably run out of studio or live leftovers, the B side (of the Lydia single) is an "oldie" recorded three years before on the 1st LP (Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers). And, "Important in your life" is indeed the jewel on that record. The subject as well as the sound are very close to "Back in your life" and more generally to the eponymous album. Finger snapping, hand clapping, briliant harmonies, light singing, guitars, bass and drums playing in unison: everything is perfect in this very easy going love song:

Darling, tell me

Tell me you love me

I'd have to hear how I'm important

In your life

Tell me I'm important in your life.

-Merci JC-

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