Sunday, May 23

So long Lizzie

When Jonathan and the Modern Lovers #2 did their European tour in 1978 they played in Paris and met there one die hard fan, a guy called Michel Esteban who had some kind of a shop where records as well as clothes could be found. The earliest version of this shop was named "Roadrunners" for obvious reasons, it eventually evolved into "Harry Cover" ( a pun in French). Esteban soon started a punk fanzine called Rock News with the help of his girlfriend , the delicious Lizzie Mercier-Descloux who was his muse/photographer/editor. I think it was Lizzie who shot the picture of Jonathan in Paris with the striped shirt which is on the back of the booklet of the "Beserkley years : best of Jonathan Richman" CD. She became a close friend of Patti Smith's and was part of the New-York punk scene. She started a successful singing career in the 80's in the world music department established by the hit "Mais ou sont passees les gazelles ?"
Lizzie died a couple of weeks ago from cancer, and my sadness is mixed with nostalgia as it is some images of my youth which is vanishing, I was often visiting the Harry Cover shop in 78-79 to buy special records meeting people who were liking the same music as me ...
De l'ame pour l'ame

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