Friday, May 21

Göran: the show in Gothenburg; May 8th- trainspotting

I made a lot of fuss to everyone I know about Jonathan coming to Gothenburg, at last. And a gang of people from my work went to the concert-- and loved it.

But one of the people that did not go made a cell phone call to the office on the morning of the Gothenburg show, reporting that he was on a train from south Sweden to Gothenburg, sharing a compartment with Jonathan and Tommy.

Obviously Jonathan and Tommy had boarded the train in Hellsingborg (which means that they must have taken the ferry from Oslo in Norway, where the last concert before Gothenburg was held, to Helsingör (the city of Prince Hamlet) in Denmark, then the short ferry tour over to Helsingborg, and then boarded the train there to Gothenburg. That is NOT the shortest way from Oslo to Gothenburg, to put it mildly, but maybe they did some West Scandinavian sightseeing while they were there.

My friend on the train reported that Jonathan came on board, carrying his guitar, and sat down writing lyrics. Some fans came over and talked to him and he was very friendly. My friend, who´s into metal rather than Jonathan, thought of starting some conversation with Jonathan, but couldn´t think of anything more clever to say than "Hi, there´s a guy at my work who really likes you a lot," so he thought it best to keep silent. But he did sit two seats from Jonathan Richman for more than two hours!

Göran Kraft

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