Saturday, May 22

Magnus: the Stockholm show, May 10th

Two great shows in Sweden (both sold out, in Stockholm at least) so hopefully it will not take 8 years until next time.

It lasted 100 min with an extended-extended version of Lesbian Bar as one of the highlights. The reviewer in the biggest Swedish paper (DN) stated that it must have been 20 min! Tommy and Jojo did solo after solo with alot of dancing and laughing. Another highlight was This Kind of Music and the guitarplaying in general.

Some of the new songs are really great like for instance "He Gave Us the Wine to Taste, not to talk about it...So let's taste it!" and Imprevidibele (growing better each time and listening to some UK shows so the new cd in June seems to be really good!

The audience in Stockholm were quieter than the Gothenburg audience. It was totally dead silent during the slow songs and some of the guitar solos. But imho I think that the audience and the show in Gothenburg were the better one of the two.

The show ended with Not So Much to be Loved... and Nishi and intense cheering for encores. Specially since the lights were still only on the stage. Jojo had to come and explain that they don't do any encores. He then jumped down from the stage into the audience causing a minor riot among the Swedish girls. Some loud Drum'n'bass music was turned on and Jojo made his way to the bar and made the dj turn it off! He then talked to the people even to me and I got my ticket autographed.

He said that he'll return to Europe in September (Barcelona, Germany and some other country that I don't remember, but not Sweden).

Review in Swedish

some of my amateurish photos from Stockholm (and Gothenburg)

Magnus Andersson

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