Wednesday, May 5

Amsterdam Show the Review by Frank Vanderlinden

Ok, here is my report of the Amsterdam 'gig'.

It was around 21.20 when Jonathan and Tommy came on stage. The venue had filled up nicely but there was more than enough space to stand or dance. Jonathan couldn't find his guitarcase immediately. He was wearing loose jeans and a red, bottomed shirt, also dressed loosely. Tommy's big mustache did catch my eyes!

Jonathan was in a very happy mood and the crowd (lots of forty-ish people) was very warm and enjoying it all the time. That had a very nice effect on Jonathan who seemed he couldn't stop playing. As a result we got a lot of songs. There were sing a longs and rhythmic claps etc...

I was prepared for the set list so this is what I came up with in order that he played. If any songs have another title, please correct it for me.

1. Egyptian Reggae
2. Lilies in the Field
3. "4 am Tokyo Japan" unknown song, nice though.
4. Her mystery not of high heels and eye shadow
5. "My dream of the world when I was 14" or something like that...
6. Springtime in NY
7. Pablo Picasso
8. Give Paris one more chance
9. When I was 14 Salvador Dali was there for me
10. Imprevidibele
11. Instrumental (you know the one)
12. Let her go into the darkness (with extended french/italian/spanish dialogue)
13. "Mystery of summer"..unknown to me
14. You are the light of the world
15. Vincent Van Gogh
16. El joven Se Estremese

Here Tommy got a solo; Jonathan went almost off stage to give mister Larkins all the attention.

17. My mind works too fast (in Italian)
18. The world is showing me its hand

He started to ask for requests, where all there was a lot of shouting. He chose
19. That summer feeling
20. Affection

21. Lonely Financial zone
22. Lesbian bar
23. My baby loves me
24. Not so much to be loved as to love
25. Older girl
26. Vampire girls
27. He gave us the wine to taste.
28. Imprevidible (reprise)

As Tommy stood up to leave, he said well let's do one more.

29. The night is still young

He put his guitar in the case, took his jacket and went off. The audience was still clapping to get him back but we all know... he rarely does. It was the best gig of Jonathan that I have seen in a while. I hadn't much time to say goodbye to Jan, because I had a long drive home.

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