Saturday, May 22

Magnus: the show in Gothenburg; May 8th

I agree it was an excellent show (although it was my first so I'm perhaps not the one to tell)!

But he seemed so happy, smiled alot, danced alot, and he was a bit surprised with the great audience response. It surprised me that it was rather alot of people below 25 years old, but I saw people older than me also.

He opened with Egyptian Reggae, That Summer Feeling (it was a warm summer evening), 19 in Naples and Springtime in NY.

Excluding You Can't Talk to the Dude he re-played the last part of a couple of songs like "Her High Heels..." due to the audience cheering. It surprised me also that the songs from his latest cds were so known to the audience. He started to play I'm a Little Airplane but didn't get so much response so he changed into Affection after a while. Alot of the new songs were also played. Excellent Let Her Go into Darkness (with French/Italian/Hebrew/Arabic middle parts).

The last songs if I remember correctly was Vampire Girl (excellent version), You Can't Talk to the Dude w intro, Give Paris One More Chance. Tommy left the stage and Jonathan did some old French song (Trenet/Chevalier?). The audience demanded more and he came back for an a capella Nishi. After minutes and minutes of shouting from the audience he came back just waving and thanking the audience.

Aftonbladet (one of the biggest) papers rated the show 4 of 5. Stating that the only negative was that 90 minutes felt too short. They concluded that he's playing in Stockholm (tonight) and just stating: BE THERE!

...That's where I'm going right now!!

And I think SR (Swedish Radio) P3 recorded the show for a later weeding in this group (their truck was outside and I saw extra microphones)! I'm going to check with them. I sent them a long email in March recommending Jonathan for their broadcast series: P3 Live and that their broadcast from 1978 (Swede weed) was still discussed in this group.


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