Sunday, April 5

A Salute to "I Was Dancing in a Lesbian Bar"

It's one of the very best moments in a Jonathan Richman concert. For one song, it seems like the whole crowd is in this thing together, and even the disaffected indie kids can't stop themselves from singing along and bouncing happily. I love this song. I, Jonathan was the first CD I ever had of his, and I'd rather hear this song performed than Roadrunner any day (I realize I may be in the minority on this). In this vein, I have both new and some of my favorite performances of this song.

New, from London. Son't miss the Tommy rock out session and Jonathan dance break at the end

Even if people don't know Jonathan, I find that at any concert I have dragged people to, this has been the selling moment, as if they finally understand the brilliance that is Jonathan. Converting a crowd at Conan:

Also, it can turn a silent car into a giant sing along in moments. One of my favorites, at the Knitting Factory in 2007.

But this song is, as always, all about the dance break.

At least, it always cheers me up.

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