Wednesday, April 1

Oh-ohhh, New England

Several things from the merry old land of England for you.

There's a review of Jonathan's performance from the Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, by Danny Eccleston:

If this second of these four London shows has a theme - and it does, it does - it's a typically Richman-esque concern with the assault on authentic experience threatened by new media and cockeyed priorities. Richman's USP is the seeming lack of edit function between the emotions and the page, and while this can sometimes lead to unnecessarily prosaic occurrences being lent the dignity of song, tonight he manages to invest even the lowliest minutiae with heroic qualities. When you're as steeped in the now as Richman, maybe all real things seem as magical. "When we refuse to suffer," he sings in the song of that name, "that's when the air conditioner wins and the real temperature of the world... loses."

Elsewhere, in Es Como El Pan, he compares yesterday's songs to stale bread and lectures, in a reasonable way, that it's "better if our past doesn't imprison us". Before he introduces us to a woman who shares his love for the "faded colours of 3am" and tells a story - in song, of course - of a party he was invited to after a show, but he got a bit lost and arrived late and there were just eight people there, "but, you know, that's OK."

Read the rest at Mojo

The pictures are from Dingwalls and taken by the lovely Seán Kelly

We have also a video from Hoxton, doing his adorable Pablo Picasso thing, more talking to the audience than singing to them at first. My favorite retooled line "Some guys try to pick up girls/ It works out foul/ It don't work out successful/ It works out miserable

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