Wednesday, April 22

The 5th Anniversary of Jojoblog (and a contest)

I really can't believe that we've been here for 5 years. I've only been here for about a year (contributing, anyhow), but I love this place. I know, so do many of the people who have never contributed, but follow us, or come by every day looking for the reviews, articles and tidbits from around the internet. I love that were are the place people come for recent Jonathan news, and that we cover a world-wide network of fans. Since I wrote my first review here, of Jonathan in Salt Lake City (Ironically enough, I'm going back there in July), I have seen how much hard work the rest of the crew puts in here, and I love you guys for that!

So, to show my appreciation to everyone who reads this blog, we are holding a contest! You can enter from our birthday (today) and I will draw the winner on Jonathan's birthday (May 16th), so the last day to enter is May 15th, midnight, Mountain Standard Time.

What could I win, might you ask? Well, we have three fabulous prizes:

1) Vinyl copy of Because Her Beauty is Raw and Wild.

2) A copy of the aforementioned Dream magazine, which Jonathan painted the back cover for. (See post below for a picture)

3) A t-shirt, made by my loving friends, in your size and color. My friends made this for me after I complained about not being able to find a not Modern Lovers shirt. So yours will only be two of a kind! This is a terrible picture of it, it's much cooler in real life, I swear.

How do you enter? Send an email to with the following information

1) Your name and an email where you can be reached.

2) Your favorite song and album of Jonathan's

3) How you discovered Jonathan

4) A story about meeting Jonathan OR Why you're a fan of his.

5) Your 1st and 2nd choice of the prizes.

We will be using these over the next month to make posts about the things we love about Jonathan, everyone's favorites, etc. Make sure to write well, because I have a secret prize for my favorite one. And it is awesome. I'm kind of struggling with the fact that I have to part with it.

Happy 5th anniversary, Jojoblog, and good luck to you all!

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