Tuesday, April 21

Jonathan Paints!

So after an epic struggle with my scanner, where all concerned came out beaten and bloody, I have something for you! I had always heard that Jonathan also enjoyed painting a great deal, but I had never seen any of his art, aside from the stuff in the Not So Much To Be Loved As To Love liner notes. A little luck and a random search one day turned up the adult comic magazine for Dream, and for this issue, done in 1995, Jonathan was asked to paint something for the back cover. I ordered a copy,and here it is, ladies and gents:

Well, I was excited. He's a far better artist than I am. The whole magazine is actually pretty interesting, and I really enjoyed some of the comics in there.

Hope you are all are getting ready for the summer tour. (those of your nearby, at least). I'm heading out to Salt Lake City for the last show in the tour, and also to go to Lagoon. (Jonathan and roller coasters? Can there be a better way to spend a holiday weekend. I think there cannot be.)

Everyone have a good day, and I have something special planned for tomorrow!

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