Tuesday, December 11

Interview #18 : Santiago Delgado

To end the year, there will be two interviews with European friends of Jonathan's. The next one will be with Thierry the guitar player in the French band Vegomatic.

But let's get started with Santiago Delgado who intrigued us last week with his "Jonathan" song. Listen to this song in the dedicated message linked below, (translated lyrics included). He seemed an obvious choice and reading his words, I started to understand why Jonathan was so keen on touring in Spain. He knows he has there his most fervent fans.

- Could you first tell me about your band , introduce it, music style and so on ?

My band is Santiago Delgado y los Runaway Lovers. Runaway after DelShannon and Lovers after Modern Lovers, of course. The music is"naive doo-woop", a mix of doo-woop, rock´n´roll and pop, but we aren´t a doo-woop group. Our home town is Bilbao, Spain. On stage, we are three voices, a spanish guitar and a cajón flamenco (percussion).We are Santi, voice and guitar, Juanjo and Igor, voices, and Gorka, percussion. More info on the
My Space page of Santiago Delgado y los Runaway Lovers

- You sent me a song dedicated to Jonathan. I do not speak Spanish, what is it about

"JONATHAN" is sort of a protest song. I want to hear again the Jonathan from " Rockin and romance", the one who plays and sings ROCK´N´ROLL .

You will find the lyrics and the song in mp3 format in the
message just a bit below

- How did you become familiar with Jonathan's music ? and what is your favorite period of his career and why ?

Ufff¡. It´s very difficult to answer...but...the 80´s. Why? "Rockin´and romance" is my favourite Lp, but Jonathan sings, Rockin and Romance,It´s time for..., and Jonathan 88, are for me...perfect,...and also, the shows with Andy Paley with nylon string guitars, the shows withBrenan Totten and Avila, the shows only with one guitar...THE PERFECT JONATHAN IS JONATHAN SMILING ¡ YES ¡

- Did you like the original Modern Lovers ?

Yes, great songs "Roadrunner", "Girlfriend", Pablo Picasso,Goverment center...Obviously, theirs is a great FIRST Lp.

- Jonathan seems to have lots of fans in Spain, what do you think of his album sung completely in Spanish ("¡ Jonathan, te vas emocionar !")?

For many reasons it was one disappointment...a mistake...but with a great cover of "Compadrito Corazón"., but it was the first step in the career of Jonathan in Spanish...in the latter step the song "Vampiresa Mujer" is better than "Vampire Girl"...One song in spanish is better than the same song in english¡ IMPORTANT¡ EH ¡ VERY IMPORTANT¡

- Do you see any flamenco influence in his recent guitar playing ?

Yes, in the last tour, Jonathan sang with Muchachito Bombo Infierno and KIKO VENENO. Kiko Veneno is the composer author of "Volando Voy"( year 79, aprox) one of the most famous songs of Camarón de la Isla, the nº 1 voice of the new flamenco. On YOU TUBE, you can see some fragments of these shows, Jonathan sings "Volando Voy"...and makes up the lyrics¡

Note: "Echate un cantecito" of Kiko Veneno is a great Lp.

- Have you seen him on his last European tour ? If so how was it ?

No, but the previous tour, yes, in Vitoria. I liked it very much, for me it was his best show with Tommy Larkins.

- What is your favourite Jonathan song ?

IMPOSSIBLE to choose one.

I will give you you 14, one Lp in fact : The beach, Gail loves me, Now is better than before, That kind of music, Dancin´late at night, Vampiresa Mujer, Roller Coaster by the sea, Vincent Van Gogh, NeonSign, Egyptian Reggae, My baby love love loves me, I´m a little dinosaur, You are the one for me, Rockin´leprechauns,...

and one bonus track: I have come out to play...and...and...and...eternally

- On the pictures of your band , you are all wearing blue striped shirts as Jonathan used to wear. Is that some kind of reference to him ?

Yes, of course...and to Johnny Kidd and The Pirates, and to Kirk Douglas,and to the Barracudas....

- Is your band covering some of his songs ?

No, we can´t, but all of my songs are like Jonathan´s songs. Hey ¡RRRRRRRRROCKIN and RRRRRRRROMANCE!

- Any anecdote related to Jonathan ?

In Madrid, Year 88 or 89, Club Universal. Sold out. After the show,the DJ plays oldies, 50´s, 60´s, girls groups, etc. Through the list, the DJ plays "Travellin man" by Ricky Nelson.

At that moment, Jonathan comes out on the stage and is dancin´dancin´twistin´round and round...the people clap their hands, and shout: JONATHAN, JONATHAN ¡

But the DJ thinks: Ah, Jonathan starts again the show...and...the music stops...the music disapears SILENCE¡ JONATHAN DISAGREES, very angry, and says: Hey, maestro DJ, Mr. DJ...(in the middle of stage with his arms open...) and shouts WHERE´S RICKY NELSON?....SILENCE¡ ....and again, very angry...WHERE´S RICKY NELSON?...SILENCE¡...Jonathan goes to the dressing room, backstage....Finally, The DJ plays again Ricky Nelson.

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