Saturday, December 8

another Shirin


From L.A. Record:

Hi Jonathan. I met you the day after my friend Becca played her favorite Modern Lovers song for me, ‘Shirin & Fahrad.’ You were set to perform in Portland at Dante’s Inferno, so I invited her along. Before you played, Olivia and Chris in C.O.C.O. performed, bass and drums doo-wop-doo-yeah. Then you performed and I sat still and listened to your words, remembering that when you fronted the Modern Lovers you had them play at a lower volume cos you wanted people to hear your words. And you had a lot of funny songs, but the one I really liked was ‘Not So Much to Be Loved as to Love,’ and I yelled out ‘Yeah!’ and you looked over holding the acoustic guitar and nodded. Afterwards, you buzzed around like a hummingbird and I went with the New Bloods across the street to Voodoo Donuts. After enjoying a most delicious pastry with pink frosting, peanut butter, and sprinkles and back to where everyone stood on the sidewalk, Chris introduced us. As we went to shake hands—zap!—and we both pulled away, simultaneously speaking—me: ‘Sorry, my hands are sticky!’ And you: ‘Sorry, I scratched you!’ I couldn’t stop smiling, eyes dancing: ‘You didn’t scratch me,’ And you: ‘I like things that are dirty.’ After which your voice dropped out and I wondered if you had hurt it singing—and you said, no, it was much more serious than that, and that you were seeing a doctor to have vocal chord surgery. Me: ‘Oh, maybe we should stop talking then…’ and off you flew. I walked away on a cloud, really happy to have met you on the astral plane. The experience meant so much to me I decided to adopt the name Shirin. That was a year and six months ago… I live in L.A. now, recorded a solo album, looking for love again. From my bedroom window, I look at the downtown skyline and listen to ‘Miracles Will Start To Happen.’ Hope you are feeling better.

-- Sue Siadat

Thanks to Sue Siadat and L.A. Record

L.A. Record

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