Tuesday, March 28

Jonathan tribute, March 10th 2006

Thanks to Tony C., from the PA's Lounge, here is the review of the Tribute show as published in the Boston Phoenix by Sarah Tomlinson

"... A similarly communal vibe marked the "Tribute to
Jonathan Richman" at P.A.'s Lounge last Friday night,
and evening organized by local musicians Lou Bunk and
Ben Morse to benefit the Somerville Arts Council. A
dozen acts celebrated their favorite songs by Richman
and his iconic Modern Lovers before a packed house.
Local trio the Specific Heats were joined by guest
vocalist Abe Scott, who worked the crowd durning
"Roadrunner", coaxing audience members to sing along
to the chorus.

Scott dedicated the band's set to
Allen "Alpo" Paulino, the Real Kids bassist who passed
away last month, before ripping his shirt off for an
amped-up take on "I Wanna Sleep in Your Arms".


the temperature in the room reaching a sweaty peak,
Morse appeared to suffer from a bout of heat stroke:
after taking a break from singing with his trio B for
Brontosaurus, he returned and joked, "Thank you for
indulging my puking". After a brief solo interlude by
John O'Hara on acoustic guitar, he finished the set.
Anushka Pop had the crowd twisting and shaking to
their deadpan renditions of "Here Come the Martian
Martians" and "Modern World". The classic Richman
line "Put down your cigarette and drop out of BU"
doesn't seem to lost any of it's currency."

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