Tuesday, March 7

The Bostonians #8 : Tony C. from the PA's Lounge

This coming Friday, March 10th, readers in the Boston area do not forget to go to the PA's lounge in Somerville to attend the tribute to Jonathan Richman . It seems fair to have Tony C. the booking agent of the spot to answer my questions, tomorrow I'll have a musician from one of the bands involved. All of these people are dedicated Jonathan fans and I wish them a great success for next Friday.

> - How did you find the JojoBlog ?

T.C. - I think I just googled Jonathan Richman and
JoJo Blog came up. I've heard that Jonathan hates
computers so there really isn't an official website
for his fans. The JoJo Blog brings all the missing
links together as far as I can tell.

> - Tell me about the PA's lounge. What kind of music
> is played there ? what
> bands are performing ?

T.C.- P.A.'s Lounge is a Bar/Music Venue in
Somerville, MA.
Almost Anything can happen here, but we're always hot
to book Indie Pop, Experimental Rock... Whatever is
Interesting and Cutting Edge. Some who've played here
in the last couple years are... Jens Lekman (Sweden),
Peelander Z (Japan), The Lucksmiths (AUS), Blood on
the Wall (NY), The Gris Gris (CA) and local Favorites
like Mittens, Sunburned Hand of the Man and Pants

> - There is this Jonathan Richman tribute night on
> march 10th, do you think
> Jonathan is still meaning something to the new local
> bands ?

T.C. - Absolutely. Jonathan is World-Wide now... but
he left a special gift to Boston in his songs. And
living in the Boston area, you can really feel it.
Jonathan changed the course of Modern Music... and in
the process put alot of specific references to Boston
places in his songs. It just seems to make the
passing of time, the change of the seasons all the
more enriching. He graced this area with great

> - Would you consider having Jonathan doing a gig at
> the PA's Lounge one day

T.C. - That would be Amazing. I think I would have to
retire right after though. How could that ever be

> - What are the Jonathan songs you would like to hear
> covered by those bands
> on March 10th ?

T.C. - I'm looking forward to hearing Abominable
Snowman in the Market, That Summer Feeling...
Let her
Go into the Darkness... Man, there's so many!

> - The Modern Lovers induced what became in the 80's
> the Boston rock scene,
> considered to this day as some classic golden age
> especially in Europe, with
> bands like the Real Kids, DMZ, Lyres, the Classic
> Ruins and many others...
> Do you think that today this could start again with
> the new bands which
> have common influences, Jonathan being one of them ?

T.C. - Totally. There's a really strong Music Scene
in Boston right now and Jonathan is well-loved all
around. Any band or artist that steps out against all
trends is bound to be influenced by or at least
appreciate Jonathan. He has always been the ultimate
example of following ones heart musically, In 1971 or

> - If this show is a success would you consider
> organizing other tributes to
> well known local artists ? like Willie Loco, John
> Felice or a favourite of
> mine , Kenne Highland ?

T.C. - Oh Yeah, The Jonathan Tribute will be only the
second "Tribute Show" we've done at P.A.'s... the
first being for They Might Be Giants... and that show
was FUN! Willie, John and Kenne would all be apt
candidates for sure! Who knows what the future may

> - Have you seen Jonathan playing live, if so when ?

T.C. - Yes. I saw him and Tommy Larkins at the
Somerville Theater last October.

> - your favourite album of his ?

T.C. - I'd have to say "Rock N' Roll with the Modern

> - favourite song ?

T.C. - Oh Man... Lonely Financial Zone is definitely
in my Top Five.

> - any anecdote related to Jonathan ?

T.C. - I haven't run into Jonathan in person. I'm
content to just dig the tunes and catch him live when
I can. I'd love to invite him to the show... but
imagine the pressure!! I'm sure everyone would deal
with it though just to have the chance to say...
"Thanks Jonathan!"

...and Thank You Jacques!

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