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vintage 1996

From: William
Date: Sun, 7 Apr 1996
Subject: Maxwell's Saturday Night

Last night Jonathan played a sold-out show in the warmth of cramped Maxwell's. The rumors of him touring with a band were untrue. It was Jojo and Tommy. The audience seemed to be in awe of him or they just didn't know the songs. They were a tame bunch, but there were some very loud yentas (and you know who you are) who stole away attention from Jojo as it is a very small venue and you can hear everything.

Jonathan was in much better spirits than his fall performance here. He did some rare favorites such as 'Egyptian Reggae' and 'Shirin and Farad.' He played for a good hour and forty five minutes strapped with his electric acoustic. The show included almost everything from You Must Ask the Heart, he also performed a lot of great new songs such as 'Surrender' and 'French Style' plus his classics 'Pablo Picasso,' 'Everyday Clothes,' 'Give Paris One More Chance,' 'Lesbian Bar' and 'Summer Feeling.' I was very disappointed that he once again performed 'Rock N Roll Drummer,' it's not even close to my favorite, although I do enjoy his sweet movements as he performs this song. For such a long set he really didn't interact much with the audience, but when he did it was very funny. It definitely was a set chock full of songs.

All in all it was a great show and I am looking forward to his return. I wonder why he doesn't play in NYC anymore. Any insight?


From: Christopher
Date: Sun, 7 Apr 96
Subject: another maxweller on sat night

Yes, it was a very good show. He seemed very much into the low volume thing, actually taking earplugs out of his ears just prior to the show. He did more Spanish-guitar type stuff than usual, and jumped in and out of a lot of songs. One of the most precious moments was a song he made up about how you can't just be happy, you have to be sad too. Cuz if you're just happy without being sad, that just won't work. Afterwards someone was discussing with him how jonathan was famous for dancing at a Ramones concert in 1976- when someone asked who that was dancing (because supposedly you're not supposed to dance at a Ramones concert) someone said, that's Jonathan Richman. Jojo remembered this and said, "yeah, well, I didn't know you couldn't dance at a Ramones concert."

Note: These are vintage posts from the old list.

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