Monday, March 28

stuff Jonathan likes

I'm an apprentice to a stonemason here in Northern California. About three years ago I told him, "Hey Pete, I'll carry around a bag of cement if you let me watch you work." The next thing I knew, he was handing me trowels and saying, "OK, you mix this batch."
[Toshiro Mifune] starred in all of those Japanese samurai movies by Kurosawa -- Rashomon, The Seven Samurai, Yojimbo. He also did movies with this guy Inagaki. He did over a hundred movies from the Forties to the Seventies and was pretty much considered Japan's Number One movie hero.
I like to dance and sing and stuff. That's what my favorite thing to do on a Friday or Saturday night, but I usually end up outside the clubs, where it's at a volume I can deal with. Every once in a while, I dance out in the street. I can hear everything a block away.
I'm playing this Spanish guitar called an esteve. It's one of them classical guitars -- it's just that simple. I just went into this music store in Miami, and I just sniffed the air and tried a guitar and said, "Hey! I think I'll buy this!"
I just tour, period. We just don't care, we just play. When we play on the road, it's a vacation.

--Jonathan Richman, quoted in Rolling Stone September 1998, compiled by Noah Tarnow

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