Tuesday, February 22

Robin Wills and Jonathan

Robin Wills, lead guitar from The Barracudas, kindly agreed to answer a few Jonathan related questions I asked him a few days ago.
The Barracudas are a band which I like a lot, they started in 1979 and are still active to this day. As Jonathan, they evolved through the years. From the revamped energetic surf/garage type of music they did at their beginnings, they switched to a Flamin’ Groovies/Byrds kind of style. They have always kept their uprightness, never compromising. They are obviously cult heroes in France. Though “Drop out with the Barracudas” and “Meantime” are genuine classics, I highly recommend all of their albums. So here’s Robin :

Hey Jacques...voici les reponses...

- What is the first Jonathan song you ever heard ?
It must have been Roadrunner on the UA issue of Bezerkley Chartbusters...

- were you familiar with the "Boston scene" (Willie Loco, the Real Kids, the Lyres..) ?
Yeah..It must have been in 76' when Philippe Garnier did a great piece on Boston in Rock'n'Folk. The stuff on The Rat and the Real Kids really perked up my interest. We then met up with Marc Thor in the early days of the Cudas and played Smoketrack and Circling LA with him as a special guest in London...great songs. Willie Alexander also made a huge impact on my psyche with Kerouak.

- Favourite period , ante or post Modern Lovers ?
Early Modern Lovers for sure.

- Favourite album ?
The first album...A perfect mix : Lou Reed meets The Stooges on Bubblegum

- Favourite song ?
Government Center, Hospital, New Teller

- Any anecdote related to Jonathan ?
Met Jonathan in 77. He was standing at the entrance of The Marquee for a Rubinoos show. He was reading Zen in full view of everybody entering. We talked about guitars and the best ones to use for Surf music. When The Rubinoos came on, he covered his ears and complained that they were too loud!

- What do you think of his cameo appearance in "Something about Mary"?
Just thinking that he still looked so young

- Were/are there other members of the Barracudas who are fans.
I'm sure Jeremy dug him...but we were too busy focussing on trying to be The Standells!

- I imagine quite well Jonathan covering "Grammar of misery", is there any Jonathan song you could imagine the 'Cudas to cover ?
Well Hospital could be fun idea.

Thanks a lot Robin. I am looking forward to listen to the new 'Cudas release, due in April.

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