Wednesday, February 9

Review: Athens, GA 14 February 2002

Update: Read about this show here

I was going through some old boxes last night and found this set list I apparently jotted on an index card. I never did write a review, but a couple of notes follow.

40 Watt Club

1. Couples Must Fight
2. Give Paris One More Chance
3. Let Her Go Into the Darkness
4. 19 in Naples
5. I'm So Confused/ Springtime in New York
6. Yo Tengo Una Novia
7. Me and Her Got a Good Thing
8. Her Mystery Not of High Heels and Eye Shadow
9. I Had to Change a Lot Before I Could Be With Her
10. I Was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar
11. Pablo Picasso
12. French Style
13. Con El Merengue
14. You Can't Talk to the Dude
15. Winter Is Over for Me
16. Vampire Girls
17. You Must Ask the Heart

18. Arrivederci Roma (a capella)

Black suit, ecru shirt, lace up leather shoes
Nylon string guitar/ greek key guitar strap
Drinking water

Silver drum kit
Drinking Budweiser

Mostly male
Vic Chesnutt

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