Friday, February 18

Jon Richman part 8

Jonathan expresses a love for Ogden Nash, as the rhymes in "Abdul and Cleopatra" bear out. He also likes Robert Burns and ancient Persian poets. I mention that St. Thomas Aquinas said God had a discernible purpose for all things except mosquitos and Jonathan cracks up; his "I'm Nature's Mosquito" deals with that.

"I said, 'There must be a reason for this, too, if there's a reason for all those other things.' That's why I made up that song."

Is he religious?

"I'm religious in the way that I think God had a purpose for mosquitos. To me that makes me religious."

Jerry Harrison commented that "Jonathan always sees himself as the free spirit. Everyone else is constrained, not willing to go to the edge where he is and therefore he has to move on. I'm sure he sees it as a continuous process of moving on. Those who can, follow him. He has this belief system and this whole thing about trust and honor and being an honorable person all through his songs. But it sort of wore thin. There was somewhat of a difference to me between words and actions at some point."

to be continued

by Bill Flanagan Trouser Press November 1979

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