Thursday, August 17

Lost Song: The Old Snack Bar

I really enjoyed Emmett's beautiful post regarding the first day of summer which described a "lost song" with a "sweet melody". There was also a somber observation that the song may "soon be destined to become a completely faded memory in the annals of Jonathan lore"...

Well, let's try to at least delay that fate! I finally found some time to look through my collection and found the mentioned version of "The Old Snack Bar" from December 1989 at London's Subterranea club.

It is indeed a great lost gem, which to my knowledge is not available on any of the bootleg comps I've seen.

Enjoy, and enjoy the last few days of a hopefully never-forgotten summer!

Download link: The Old Snack Bar

Well now the beach is crowded back there
The old snack bar is closed up
and I'm feelin' bad inside

Well the seagulls they're going by
but my friends 'aint around
I know my friends can't be around all the time
I know you gotta be lonely sometimes
but that snack bar is closed
and I gotta tell
That I'm not taking it well

Let's start a punk bar, let's the thing
We gotta do some of that rockin' thing
The old snack bar is closed up and I'm hurt inside

We gotta jump jump
We gotta shake shake
I can't stand that cold weather thing

The old snack bar is closed and I hurt inside

I know you will be coming, and the seagulls?
But I'm not taking it well right now

The old snack bar where my friends and I used to hang out
is closed up and I'm hurtin' inside
(Please post lyric corrections in comments)