Thursday, August 17

Egyptian Reggae video .... Jojo in an interesting mood

In decades of following Jonathan, I never once felt that he was being ironic (contra most normies). But, in this video of Jonathan doing Egyptian Reggae, he may have ju-u-uu-st crossed the line.  The situation may have caused it. The modern lovers have had a breakout hit in some countries, and are being asked to"play synch".  Jonathan seems to be in Andy Kaufman mode, aping Early-70s soft rockers.  The only one that pops to mind is David Gates.

Jonathan smiles broadly and winsomely.  The video is truly ... as the kids say - top kek.


  1. Since I first saw this video I always thought he behaved gay over the top.

  2. Hi there! I'm interested in trying to find some rare and interesting Jonathan footage, clippings, audio, anything. Who is the person around here that I could contact and how can I reach out?


  3. How have I never seen this video before??? Sure it's a little on the 'camp' side, but what the hell...Surrender to Jonathan!

  4. Saw this video on television because 'Egyptian Reggae' was a big hit record in The Netherlands. It made it to number 2 in the Top 40, I recall it was very popular in dance schools. Toppop was at that time the leading program for popular music.