Saturday, February 23


image: Roger Catlin


Roger Catlin
reviews last night's show at 9:30 Club in Washington DC and provides a set list:

“Because Her Beauty is Raw and Wild”
“No One Was Like Vermeer”
“Let Her Go into the Darkness”
“The World is Showing Its Hand”
“Old World”
“I Was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar”
“Egyptian Reggae”
“Her Mystery Not of High Heels and Eye Shadow”
“Parents Pushing the Stroller While Talking on the Cell Phone”
“Le Printeps Des Amoreux Est Venue”
“These Bodies That Came to Cavort”
“La Festa Magnifica”
“La Fiesta Es Para Todos”
“Everybody Come to the Party” (Hebrew)
“We Had a Fight”

With a timeless boyishness and a disarming humor in his delivery he had the crowd rapt, allowing him to step away from the microphone and fill the room only with his guitar or naked voice if he wanted to. (more)

Thanks Roger!



This 27 year old video was posted to Jojoblog in 2008 by our own Chimaerandi, reposted today because, well, why not?

Jonathan Richman on The Cutting Edge via chimaerandi



An interview from 33 years ago, WNYU's Music View with Tammy:

Jonathan Richman, 1980, Music View w/ Tammy via WNYU Favorite Archives

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