Monday, February 11

ongoing tour dates early 2013


If you're nearby these neighborhoods go see Jonathan Richman and Tommy Larkins perform live if you can! Smaller houses are selling out, so look into getting early tickets. As always, check with venues ahead of time before making travel plans since things can and do change. Brush up on your Sam Cooke so you can singalong the ooogh! aaagh! if he decides to cover 'Chain Gang'! Loosen up to 'Dancing in the Moonlight' and prepare to be charmed...


  1. Heres the setlist from St. Louis

    Jan Vermeer
    Let Her Go into the Darkness
    Dancing in the Moonlight (Sanford-Townsend Band)
    Higher (Sly Stone)
    La Festa Magnifica
    La Fiesta Es Para Todos
    Everybody Come to the Party (Hebrew)
    Because Her Beauty
    Egyptian Reggae
    Old World (greatly modified from album versions)

    We Had a Fight
    Sa Voix M'Attise
    Keith Richards
    Her Mystery Not of High Heels
    O Moon Queen if Night on Earth
    These Bodies That Came to Cavort
    When We Refuse
    Unknown encore Acapella verse

  2. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Boy I sure hope he comes back to Salt Lake!
    We love Jojo