Tuesday, November 16

Oh Moon, Queen of Night on Earth

Okay, I've had it long enough to put together a semi-cohesive review of sorts, if anyone is like, "DEAR GOD I MUST KNOW HOW CHIMAERANDI FEELS ABOUT THIS" I posted it to my Livejournal, and am going to link it up here. :) Enjoy my shameless self promotion:

So, a new Jonathan album. I was terrifically excited, excited enough that I couldn't wait for the album to come and downloaded it even though I have it coming. I am totally tragic, I know that. I have to admit I was a little nervy because I never fell in love with BHBIRAW. I appreciate it more now than I used to, but it's still largely not an album I listen to by itself. I shouldn't have worried, because this is by and large EXCELLENT. It's not going to replace Not So Much To Be Loved As To Love as my favorite (likely nothing will), but it is great. I have listened to it straight through a couple times, already. So I decided you all DEEPLY CARE about my impressions of the album

You can find the actual thing here. OH OH OH IMPORTANT!!! While the review is G, the rest of my journal may or may not be, so, at your own peril.