Saturday, October 2

O Moon, Queen of the Night On Earth

Yes! New Jonathan Richman Album! and... only about a month away!!!

Set to release November 9, 2010, O Moon, Queen of the Night On Earth, will be released in both CD, and Vinyl formats.

Song List:

1. Oh Moon, Queen of Night on Earth
2. These Bodies That Came To Cavort
3. If You Want to Leave Our Party Just Go
4. I Was The One She Came For
5. Sa Voix M'Atisse
6. We'll Be The Noise, We'll Be the Scandal
7. The Sea Was Calling Me Home
8. Winter Afternoon By BU in Boston
9. The Bitter Herb
10. Sa Voix M'Attise (reprise)
11. My Affected Accent
12. Even Though I Know I Am The Wind and The Sun, I?
13. The Sea Was Calling Me Home (reprise)
14. It Was Time For Me To Be With Her

Some observations:
- I'm guessing the album cover is painted by JR himself, and judging by some of the song titles it looks to be in line with a theme.
- "The Sea Was Calling Me Home" was originally listed as a sort of hidden track on "Not So Much To Be Loved As To Love", so I'm very curious as to how it will sound on this album.
- I asked him in February 2010 how the new album was going and he gave a signal like there was a long way to go, so I'm guessing (key word: guessing) that most of these songs were recorded very recently.
- I have live versions of several of these songs on if you want a preview. My personal opinion: The new songs are SUPERB! These Bodies is an fairly upbeat reflective piece about how we drag our bodies everywhere and don't listen to what they try to tell us. "I was the one she came for" I believe is what some had been calling "Hurricane When She Came", and sounds like it's about how his Wife teaches him new things all the time, and betters him as a person. "The Bitter Herb" reflects on how sometimes in life you must do painful things and chew a piece of the bitter herb. This is a favorite of a friend of mine, and he opened my eyes to the beauty of this songs a few days ago. If you've seen him live recently, there's a good chance that you've heard the song "My Affected Accent" and it's a highlight of the show.

O Moon, Queen of Night on Earth
November 9, 2010


  1. yay! good news.... thanks nugrape


    I was so sure it wasn't going to be on there, simply because I wanted it so badly.

  3. do you think that "winter afternoon by BU in boston" is the amazing crowd favorite "older girl"?

    it's a shame that "partners in crime" and "love and hate" didn't make the cut.

  4. No "older girl" though!

  5. re: older girl


    Somewhere deep inside, I feel as if he does this to torment me. lol.

  6. I have loved Partners in Crime FOREVER, but have basically accepted that it'll never be on an album.

  7. Thanks to Rockin Leprachauns group for pointing me here. Didn't know there was a new album. Sounds great. ~EMcA

  8. Awesome, I'm sorta-kinda mentioned in this post! as nugrape says: I love love love "The Bitter Herb", blew me away when he played it last time I JoJo.

    Now I just gotta wait till Nov 7th to hear it in studio perfection.

  9. Any of these new songs available to hear anywhere?