Monday, October 18

BBC 6 Music Interview - 8th October 2010

A few days ago Jonathan was interviewed by Cerys Mathews on 6 Music (BBC Radio). No live in the studio songs this time but quite an interesting interview, something like 15 minutes long.
To hear it use the following link:-

6 Music Interview


  1. Thanks Bob for sharing this fascinating interview.
    I missed again Jonathan this year. He seems to schedule his gigs in Paris when I am out of town..

  2. Thanks for posting this!

    Did anyone note all those Flamenco artists he listens to?? wouldn't mind checking some of those out...

  3. Great interview!
    Sean, the Flamenco artists that Jonathan talked about are:

    Melchor de Marchena:

    Paco del Gastor:

    Fernanda de Utrera:


    Los Amaya:

    I'm not a big Flamenco fan, but some years ago I gave him a Flamenco record (Lágrimas negras, of Bebo Valdés and Diego el Cigala), and Jonathan told me that he really enjoyed it.

  4. wow, thanks for all those links. I'm gonna check those out.

  5. Hey Alberto, Thank you so much for naming & linking those Flamenco guys!!