Thursday, July 29

Something different: Alex Chilton

Alex Chilton -Like Flies on Sherbert Session from Greg Spradlin on Vimeo.

Like Flies on Sherbert (link)

If you do a Google search on the late great Alex Chilton, a list pops up on the left of the page called 'Something different' with Jonathan Richman at the top of the list, along with Marshall Crenshaw, Paul Westerberg, Gene Clark, and Gram Parsons:

A lot of times, I’m sort of anti-intellectual about music. I think that the best music is not always made by the best musicians. It’s made by the most inspired people with the best idea. (Alex Chilton)

This quote is from a very nice appreciation of Alex Chilton by Alastair McKay at Alternatives to Valium: Goodbye Alex Chilton, Andy Hummel RIP. Your band, Big Star, was like The Beatles, if the Beatles Had Come From Tennessee (link)

A few years ago Alastair McKay rang up Jonathan Richman on the telephone. You can read the results here (link)

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